Founded in 1938, Pompe Morgan has established itself and achieved a solid presence on international markets thanks to the professionalism and the experience, gained over the decades of activity, in the design and construction of gear pumps, and of precision and displacement metering systems in general, becoming a leading company that is highly specialised in this sector. Together with the service, it offers a reliable and high quality product.

Always attentive to innovation, Pompe Morgan employs highly qualified technicians and personnel and uses modern equipment for research, production and control.

It is able to guarantee a wide range of pumps suitable for numerous products with different viscosities, flow rates, pressures and temperatures, also expressly constructed for the specific needs of the customer.

In the construction of the pumps, selected materials are used according to international standards and in relation to the product to be pumped.

Morgan pumps are installed in systems worldwide, working for decades in all environmental and climatic conditions.