High precision high pressure displacement pumps.

Precision metering pump for uniform continuous dosing at high pressures, for the food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, textile, plastic, polyurethane and polymer industries, for dyes, adhesives, bicomponents, creams, polypropylene and polyesters.

Built with materials and seals suitable for the fluids to be pumped and with high quality gears and surface hardness, it can be used wherever considerable precision in dosing is required thanks to the constant flow rate at fixed rpm.

In fact, the characteristic of the displacement pumps is that by varying the rotation speed, the flow rate varies in proportion to the linear trend.

On request, executions are possible according to the specific needs of the customer, even if the flow is changed.

Flow rate: from 0,6 to 40 cc/rev
Pressure: 80 bar -1.160 psi
Viscosity: 50.000 mPa s
Temperature: 150°C – 302°F
DOS cc/rev Weight KG
0,6 0,6 1,9
1 1 1,9
2 2 2,2
3 3 2,4
6 6 3,8
13 13 4
20 20 4,5
30 30 5,5
40 40 6,4

The data and specifications are not binding and are subject to possible changes.