Versatile monoblock electric pump for a wide range of fluids and high pressures.

For the transfer and supply at high pressures of a wide range of products and for precision dosing; in particular, suitable for the circulation of oils in refrigeration systems.

Made of cast iron with hardened steel gears, or in stainless steel, with simple, balanced or double mechanical seal, packing or ring system. Lantern supports are provided for B5 or B3/B14 motors or with foot.
The construction and materials are related to the product to be pumped.
Special executions upon request.

Flow rate: from 5 to 100 lt/1′
in relation to the characteristics of the fluid and the motorisation.
Pressure: 30 bar – 435 psi
Viscosity: from 1 to 20.000 mPa s
Temperature: 160°C – 320°F
PQ MA INLET DIAMETER cc/rev FLOW RATE at 1450 revs at 0 BAR – lt/1’
10 1′ 9,0 13
30 1″¼ 22,7 33
50 1″¼ 37,8 55

The data and specifications are not binding and are subject to possible changes.